Advanced Footprint Blueprint
This is a easy to use feature rich footprint component that is a must have for any character driven game developer!
Advanced Footprint Blueprint by @NanoVoxel was created to meet every major demand regarding footprints, Audio, FX, Decals, 3D, Tracking, Fading & more! All of these complex systems put into one neat clean blueprint component with EASY step by step videos on how to add additional footprints and all the features associated with it. Once you purchase this blueprint asset you can jump right into the demo map and experience the power of Advanced Footprints in Unreal Engine and have access to all of the private tutorials to bring your game to the next level.


Added new footprint options “Elastic” used for materials like Nets, Cloth or any Elastic material

Added Trigger Textures

Added additional footprint trigger on player stop

Added debug menu to test settings while playing

Consolidated Collection Parameter values from 3 to 2, splitting them into Active and Imprint

Added more accuracy and optimization to the 3d footprints

Added 40+ new blueprint comments

Changed character reference in Anim BP

Changed Footprint Component character reference to “Get Owner”

Bug Fix:

Removed stutter caused by tracking audio in the Oil example
Technical Details
List of Features:
• 3D tessellated footprints
• Elastic tessellated footprints
• Physical Material based Player Skin material effects
• Physical Material based Footprint Material tracking onto multiple surfaces
• Physical Material based speed and acceleration
• Physical Material based Particle Effects
• Physical Material based Audio Effects
• Physical Material Subsurface mask footprints
• Pivot Point grass footprint interaction
• Physical Material based Decal
• Fade out Decals

Number of Blueprints: 10
Number of Audio Cues: 7
Number of Sound FX: 7
Number of Audio provided: 33
CPU and GPU emitters used
Number of Effects: 6
Number of custom materials/textures: 13
Number of Materials: 13
Number of Meshes: 1
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes


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