Carolyne For Genesis 8 Female


This is Carolyne for Genesis 8 Female, this is a beautiful Woman created by me and my wife. It was made using Hexagon 2.5, Zbrush and PhotoShop CS6.
She is a beautiful woman and I hope you enjoy to create your art with her.
This Product Contains:
Morph List
Carolyne Eyelashes (Apply Lashes)
Carolyne Head Apply
Carolyne Head Remove
Carolyne Body Apply
Carolyne Body Remove
Carolyne Head G8F Apply
Carolyne Head G8F Remove
Carolyne Body G8F Apply
Carolyne Body G8F Remove
Materials List
Carolyne Lashes
Carolyne Full Iray Black Brows Skin
Carolyne Full Iray Ginger Brows Skin
Carolyne Eyes Acqua
Carolyne Eyes Black
Carolyne Eyes Blue
Carolyne Eyes Blue Drk
Carolyne Eyes Brown
Carolyne Eyes Grey
Carolyne Eyes Green
Carolyne Eyes Green Drk
Carolyne Eyes Honey
Carolyne lips Natural
Carolyne lips Natural Glossy
Carolyne lips Pink
Carolyne lips Pink Glossy
Carolyne lips Purple
Carolyne lips Purple Glossy
Carolyne lips Red
Carolyne lips Red Glossy
Carolyne lips Wine
Carolyne lips Wine Glossy
Carolyne Nails Black
Carolyne Nails Natural
Carolyne Nails Pink
Carolyne Nails Purple
Carolyne Nails Red
Carolyne Nails Wine
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Download File: Carolyne For Genesis 8 Female

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