Cel-Shader & Outline


Highly customizable cel-shading Material/lighting system. Mesh outlines are also included.
This is a cel-shading system that does not use post processing. It has five different light types and many options to customize the look of your project. Outline Materials are also included, both inverted hull and post process.

NOTE: The blue-haired character shown above is my character and not included in this pack.

Technical Details

Material instance options to independently control shadow/specular thresholds, colors, light influence, brightness, fresnel, etc.
Shadow/specular thresholds can be offset by vertex color values or Textures. This is similar to a technique used in Arc System Works games such as GG XRD to give artists more control over what parts of a mesh are shaded, lit, or highlighted. The same can be used to control outline thickness when using an inverted hull outline.
Five different light types: directional, point, spot, area, and shadow.
Lights are on separate channels and can be combined with other channels individually selectable in Material instances.
All cel-shade lights are movable and have various options including color, brightness, range, and falloff, all of which can be changed at runtime.
There are 8 different cel-shade light channels although, more can be added in the respective Material function.
UE4’s lighting can also be used in conjunction with cel-shade lighting.
Inverted hull mesh outlines scale with distance and include a noise option for a more stylized outline with varying line thickness.
Post process outline is also included as an alternative to inverted hull outline
“Simple” cel-shader Material that has fewer features, but is more performant and easier to use than the main cel-shader Material.

Tested on Windows using Unreal Engine: 4.20 – 4.24
Materials: 2 Cel-shade Master, 3 outline Master
Blueprint: Cel-shade light



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