City Buildings

15 city buildings and shops. (Version 0.2)
9 apartment buildings, 5 shops, 1 electro transformer, 3 telephone boxes, different objects, 30 blueprints, fbx models.
112 Material Instances, 3 base, from 2048 to 4096 textures.
(roughness, normal, AO, U4 packing)
Poly: (apartment buildings 5 floors ~40.000)
models are divided into many parts (doors, window, glass, balconies, porches, etc).
fps parts and blueprints houses Screenshot window 1920×1080
In any case, you can trim the texture size and delete some objects for optimization.
1 porch open 11 apartments out of 20, 2 porch open 4 apartments out of 20,
3 porch open 8 apartments out of 20.
if you need to change the model- there are fbx files in the package.
in the project there are buildings from parts and blueprints.

Technical Details
Number of Unique Meshes: (214)
Collision: (automatically generated)
Vertex Count: (apartment buildings 5 floors ~58.000)
Poly: (apartment buildings 5 floors ~40.000)
LODs you can configure as you wish, doors, porches, windows, etc. are separated by floors in the distance you can remove the porch, doors, windows, glass and other objects.
Material Instances: 112, 3 base.
Number of Textures: (533 roughness, normal, AO, U4 packing)
Texture Resolutions: (2048 and 4096)

Version 0.2-
-Add material Instances, 3 master materials.

Asset version: 4.22-4.26



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