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THE FONT STORY // The Ireland handmade font was created after a trip to Ireland where I explored the Dingle Peninsula. Taking in the country’s history and natural landscapes, I was inspired to create lettering that reflected and entwined those two elements.
USE FOR THIS FONT // With its organic curves and smooth corners, this font works best as a header font or for smaller bodies of text. It is perfect for projects that need a naturally bold font like blog posts, social graphics, event posters, and perhaps even a logo as displayed. I recommend medium spacing to let the individual letters do their thing while also working well as a whole. Adjust and play around with it to get it just where you like it!
ABOUT MY FONTS // All fonts are originally created by hand. This one was made with a micron pen. I believe strongly in the handmade design process. It brings a truly unique end result to the table. After the handmade process is complete, the font is scanned in, converted to vector, and made into a working typeface thanks to Fontself.


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