Collection old tools PBR-Scans


• 72 Models! • 4k Textures for PBR material! • 3 Levels of detail! • 8 Maps for render customization! • 9 Custom renders!

Scanned object with PBR 4K materials that are configured to the next list of renders 3DsMax Corona 3DsMax iRay 3DsMax MentalRay 3DsMax Vray Maya Arnold Maya Octane Maya RedShift Maya RenderMan Maya Vray (You can use the fbx format for 3D Studio Max. Our fbx files uses a standard physical shader and is correctly reproduced in all popular rendering) You can also customize the model for other renders with the help of present maps: albedo bump diffuse gloss metalless normal roughness specularColor PBR 3D scan is made on its own technology, retopology is manual. You can import a model in Maya with customized materials for Arnold, RedShift, RenderMan, vRay or Octane.

Unzip all files from the archive zip into one folder. (Note that .obj file and .ma must be in the same folder.)
Import [model name]_[you render].ma into your project. (If you import the model into the project for the first time, it will not be inserted into the scene, import the model a second time so that it is inserted into the scene)


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