Corel Photo-Paint 2021 and Photo-Paint 2021 Essentials –Training Manual with many integrated Exercises

Important! Because many pictures and screenshots on kindle reader NOT good readable – on kindle app for PC or laptop perfect useable! Our recommendation is the printed book.

Training manual for
Corel Photo-Paint 2021 &
Corel Photo-Paint Home and Student 2021 &
Corel Photo-Paint Essentials 2021

Complete in full colour with many integrated exercises for easy learning by doing!
Photo editing easy explained. Editing photos, manipulate photos, use effects to make artistical photos….

With a good photo program you can be a photo artist.

About the content of the book:

• Basics of image editing, especially the difference between pixel photos and graphic files.

Base technics as
• set contrast and brightness,
• cut-off borders,
• use the eraser or the
• effect tool,

Advanced applications:
• Paint yourself e.g., with the brush.
• Image sprayer and
• other special tools as eraser, pipette, paint bucket…
• The brush variations and image sprayer
• Fill patterns

Professional image editing:
• Masks and objects
• Usage of different mask types
• Delete something from a photo
• Use effects only on masked areas
• Create objects yourself with masks
• Copy an object from one photo and insert in another photo

With this knowledge you can manipulate photos like photo professionals.

Artistically alienate photos with effects:
• Use special effects for artistical photo results e.g. vignette, wet paint, fish eye,
• Overview effects like solarize, glass, shear, blur, bubbles …
• Effects and text
• Cloning and copying
• Special results with the transparency effect
• the amazing overlay function

• Specialties for photos with regard to printing, scanning, transferring to other programs, data backup etc.

With many exercises step by step useable by beginners (really, professionals don’t need a book). This allows you to edit both private pictures, such as the snapshots of your digital camera, or to acquire the professional knowledge of digital photo editing. It is not a collection of materials, but a training book in which everything is presented step by step and deepened with exercises for copying.


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