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Circular, Badge style logos can work incredibly well for certain brands. Their profile tends to fit a wide range of situations, and they’re an effective way to include an additional layer of information or tagline, all arranged in one tidy package.
From vintage to ultra modern, this versatile logo style can make a great addition to your skillset and portfolio.

But what really is a badge style logo?
How can you create one that looks professional & effective?
What’s best practicewhen it comes to curving text? (Show envelop warp vs Type on Path)
And how do youcompose so many elements without it looking messy?
I’ll answer each of those questions, in this class.
THIS CLASS IS IDEAL FOR anyone looking toexpand their portfolio with a badge style logo– or wanting to learn a few quick, easy techniques that will really speed up your workflow when creating this style.
This isn’t an advanced class; we’re going to dive straight in and just have some fun creating this popular logo style. You can adjust your version to look a little more playful, or more serious – it’s up to you.
The difference between a balanced and professional badge logo, and one that looks a little shaky or amateurish is often the process and techniques you’re using.
I’ll take you through my process step by step, sharing some useful insights, tips and tricks along the way – so you’ll feel confident creating your own version.
We’ll also look at how you can create a secondary logo and submark to compliment the primary logo, to ensure you’re providing your clients with the tools they need for various situations.


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