Create Powerful & Effective Video For Your Facebook & Instagram Ads
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This Course Is Perfect ForeCommerce Store OwnersLooking To Increase Their Sales Using The Power Of Facebook And Instagram Ads.

If you are looking to market your products and grow your sales using the power of Facebook and Instagram ads, but You have a small budget, you have never created videos before, and you have no idea what video ads can succeed at driving traffic to your store and making sales. This course is perfect for you!
Here is some of what we will be covering:
✔What are the different steps you need to go through to create a strong and effective strategy?
✔How to define your business customer avatar and unique selling propositions and how you will use those USP to make your ads relevant to your targeted audience.
✔How your ads must differ depending on the audience you are targeting and its level of familiarity with your brand or products.
✔Tenth of the ideas and ad inspirations that you can use to create your outstanding video ads.
In this section, you will find detailed tutorials to create and edit your ads by yourself using very easy and friendly user software. You might have zero ideas of how to edit videos and which software to use, and maybe even this is something you have been worried about for a while because you don’t have either the time or the energy to learn complicated software and techniques.
Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because the software we are going to use is quite easy and advanced at the same time! using it, you will be able to create amazing videos within minutes.


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