Crew Of Antares V7 Corridors


The Antares is a newer release by DAZ Original/ petipet of a space fairing ship.
The model is quite well done and includes interior models and a model of the Exterior of the ship.

These 26 Poses are specific to the ‘Sci-Fi Corridor A’ interior model though some may be interchangeable with other interiors of the Antares. There are 58 Camera Presets to aid users implementation¬†of the set.

Please Note!
The preset Originals (3Delight and iRay) of the ‘Sci-Fi Corridor A’ have different values and I’m noting the conflict here as well as in the Documentation.
The 3Delight preset Original of the Corridor has different coordinates than the iRay version.
This pose set was created with the iRay preset.

The offset of the 3Delight Corridor model is:
 -1073.286 in the X axis and -122.7138in the Y axis

You will need to change those values to 0.0 when you load the 3Delight version of Corridors.

Download File: Crew Of Antares V7 Corridors

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