Fallen Sakura DS

Compatible Figures: PNG, JPG
Compatible Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Fallen Sakura for DAZ Studio

Cherry Blossoms: Your Love Story under the petals rain!

From mid-March to mid-April, while the air is still cold and most of nature still dead, these pretty, ethereal blossoms, signal an end to bitter winter. They represent a start to spring and all its connotations of renewal, love, and a little bit of magic.

It’s under a cherry tree with flying petals in the tunes that lovers discover their first loves.

Ideal for your love stories, as in the drama, here is a complement that will enhance your romantic images

Background, Clothing, Hairs, Character on images are NOT included!

This package contains:
(Scene Set with cameras ( with DOF or not DOF)

06 – Full Shot DOF.duf
05 – Medium Full Shot DOF.duf
04 – Cowboyshot DOF.duf
03 – Medium Shot DOF.duf
02 – Medium Closeup DOF.duf
01 – Closeup DOF.duf
06 – Full Shot no DOF.duf
05 – Medium Full Shot no DOF.duf
04 – Cowboyshot no DOF.duf
03 – Medium Shot no DOF.duf
02 – Medium Closeup no DOF.duf
01 – Closeup no DOF.duf

Materials Iray (.DUF)
FK Ground Low Pink Flower.duf
FK Ground Pink Flower.duf
FK Ground White Flower.duf
FK Low Pink Flower.duf
FK Pink Flower.duf
FK White Flower.duf
FKBackground 01.duf
FKBackground 02.duf
FKBackground 03.duf
FKBackground 04.duf

FK Flower 02
FK Flowers 01
FK Ground Flowers
FK Large Petals
FK Smalls Petals

Textures Include:
12 Textures and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 1024 x 1024 )

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