FPS System


The FPS System features basic functionalities known from modern FPS games. This includes logic for animations in all situations (Idle, Sprint, etc.), combined with weapon functionalities (Shooting, Reloading, etc.) to smoothly work together.
The Animations use a custom Rig for the Mannequin Character. You can get the 3ds Max file for free Here
This package contains 2 weapons (SMG & Pistol) and simplified animations.

Simply add “FPS System” to your project and under “Word Settings” change “GameMode Override” settings to “FPS_Gamemode”. Do the same in “Project Settings” – Maps & Modes.
Under Input, import the axis and action mappings or set them as you wish. Set the “Near Clip Plane” to 5.0
Use the “tutorials” inside the content folder for more info.

Technical Details:

Features: (Full List in Video)
Locomotion: Idle/Walk/Sprint + Shooting cancels Sprint
True ADS: No 2nd Camera, adjusted recoil, fluent aiming while shooting
Projectiles: triggers round, shell, particles & sound. Recoil & Moving decrease accuracy
Ammo & Reload: For each Weapon, individual Magazine Size & Max Ammo Capacity. +1 Round, if the Magazine isn’t empty. All Empty is indicated by Sound, can’t Fire
Fire Modes: Fire Modes dependent on Weapon. 3 Modes – Auto / Burst / Single. Memory of last selected FM
Switching Weapons: Primary / Secondary. “1” always switches to Primary. “2” always switches to Secondary. “MMB” cycles through Weapons
HUD: Crosshairs expand when shooting or moving & are removed when aiming. Ammo Counter with Color indication & Fire Mode. Hit Counter
Misc: Slow Motion, Headbobbing, Up-close Blur
Number of Blueprints: 17
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Replicated:No
Supported Development Platforms: Win 10 & Mac OS
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win 10 & Mac OS
Documentation: 2 In-Editor Tutorials

Important/Additional Notes:
Animations: 12 Player, 12 Pistol, 17 SMG (all In-Place)
No. of Master Materials: 5
No. of Material Instances: 17



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