This package helps you to get the best lighting setup in a shortest possible time

Latest update only works on Unity 2020 LTS and HRP10.x or newer versions.

You can download update 1.2 fro Unity 2019 from doc folder after importing this package

Also is available in the Lighting Tools 2022

This product is really a time saving tool for you based on my 20,000 hours of experience on lighting and graphics.

With this product, you no longer need to spend a lot of time adjusting the lighting and optimizing your game and you can spend your time personalizing it to achieve better results…

In most AAA game engines such as Unreal and Cry Engine, you have a all in one tool for customizing game graphics and post production, Now using the Lighting Box 2 you have the same tool in Unity Yes, a all in one tool that helps you create a game with AAA graphics even without lighting knowledge in few minutes instead of few weeks

I have 20,000 lighting experiences in Unity but now I can not do lighting without Lighting box

Main Features:

– *New* Terrain Tessellation Shader – All in one lighting and graphics settings

– Day night cycle prefab with amazing sun lighting

– Optimized lighting and effects

– Video training

– Create ,save and share lighting profiles for different scenes and projects

– Default graphics for every scene

– For every game type (Simulation,cartoon,filmic)

– Easy to learn and use

– A real time saver

– For both beginner and advanced users

Enjoy it!!!

Import Guide:

– Take a backup from your project

– Install HDRP from Window->Package Manager

– Import HDRP Lighting Box 2

– Watch the videos

Update guide:

– Take a backup from your project

– Remove HDLighting Box 2 folder from your project

– Delete old package from unity temp files (users folder)

– Download latest update again and import it

Asset version: 1.6




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