File Types: OBJ
Software: Poser 7+


When the situation gets tough it’s time to call in the big guys! The heavy police car is a vehicle not to be messed with. Its bold appearance creates the perfect look for intensifying a scene and makes it more dramatic. Apart from its high detail the car also functions with moveable parts such as:

Opening all 4 doors
Opening the boot
Opening the hood
Turning the steering wheel
Flicking the indicator
Opening the compartments (3)
Rotating the wheels
Adjusting the seats
and Rotating the speedometer needles!

There are a few other separated items for further interaction and added flexibility. Beneath the hood is an engine built separately so it can be hidden when not seen. The boot also adds a lot more space to fit either bad guys or lot of props! You could even use it as a general family vehicle as there is a regular version included (without the police vinyls, siren and front ram).


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