Houseplant Pack – Interior and Exterior Plants

This pack contains 11 unique house plants to decorate your interior and exterior environments. Mix and match these with the included planters and plant stands to suit a wide variety of decor styles. Includes built-in color customization of plants and planters.

A great way to add detail and flair to your architectural vizualizations – or any realistic UE4 project!

Included Plants:
basil (5 mesh variations)
white sage
aloe vera
succulent (3 mesh variations)
cactus (3 variations, plus base mesh to create your own shapes with)
sansevieria (snake plant)
peace lily
canna flower
hearleaf (2 mesh variations)

Just drop the meshes into your scene and you’re all set!
To adjust color/roughness/metalness, just open the appropriate material instance. If there is an optional paint layer (wooden plant stands, terra cotta pots), it is controlled by the ‘Paint Color’ parameter’s alpha channel.

Technical Details

Mix and match houseplants with a selection of planters to best suit your environment’s style.
A selection of 9 merged meshes (plant, planter and plant stand combined) for quick and easy placement.
High quality textures. Usable in VR at close view distances.
Built-in customization controls to change color, roughness, metalness of most planters and plant stands.
Plants use masked subsurface scattering for realistic lighting.
Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Texture Size: 256×256 through 2048×2048, dependent on mesh size and detail required.
Collision: Simplified collision on all planters and plant stands.
LODs: Base LODs
Number of Meshes: 39 unique, 9 merged
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 52
Number of Textures: 157
Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows and Oculus VR; but should function on any platform UE4 supports
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows/Mac/PS4/Xbox

Triangle Count
basil 01: 3,744
basil 02: 2,496
basil 03: 3,344
basil 04: 2,632
basil 05: 2,314
rosemary: 4,752
white sage: 2,948
aloe vera: 2,185
succulent: 3,630
peace lily: 9,176
canna flower: 13,644
cactus base: 902
philodendron: 7,358
snake plant: 3,096
heartleaf 01: 8,875
heartleaf 02: 9,587
plant stand 01: 1,084
plant stand 02: 1,084
plant stand 03: 620
plant stand 04A: 3,288
plant stand 04B: 3,288
pot 01: 480
pot 02: 766
pot 03: 1,354
herb pot: 866
small pot 01: 180
small pot 02: 587
vintage pot 01: 1,152
vintage pot 02: 1,056
metal pot: 864
concrete pot: 1,062

Asset version: 4.19+


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