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I’ll show you one interesting technique in Modo. It’ll push your creativity and allow you to create thousands of different Buildings, Spaceships, Weapons etc.

What will you receive with this purchase?

2-hour step by step video tutorial. Ever dreamt of creating your own procedural generator from scratch? Look no further! Advanced knowledge of Modo is not required.

– 10 videos;

– project files.

Ready Building Generator Scene. You can generate an infinite number of buildings for your project. Also, you can modify everything for your own needs.

– short video tutorial about how to use this scene;

– kitbash set;

– project file.

Sci-Fi Buildings Pack. For those who want to use ready buildings for their projects.

– 30 meshes with auto UV’s;

– .obj and .fbx formats, from 50 000 tris per building;

– 5 materials per building: base, roof, glass, sign, lights.

The required version of Modo is 12.0v1 or higher


PASSWORD:        DFX6yhty5t65yhu65rfernnME


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