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Bring all your fantasies and medieval worlds to life with this kit’s tents, barrels, wagons, arches, weapons, utensils, tables, jugs, crates, baskets, ladders, canvases, cloths, loaves of bread, dead fish and so much more! The larger pieces also have detailed interiors to embolden your merchant camps, witch enclaves, knights’ quarters, trade encampments, goblin lairs and the rest of your fantastical worlds!

Design by Jian Zhi, Modeled by Sebastian Bielecki, Cover by Pablo Dominguez



RENDER ENGINES:    Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers
POLY COUNT:    1.3 Million
UVED:    Yes
TEXTURES:    Tileable

SHADERS:    Included


PASSWORD:     Medieval345346tg5gfwedfxme

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