Lineless Illustrations in Procreate 101: Drawing with Color and Shape


What is lineless art? It’s a type of illustration that mostly focuses on confident shapes and harmonious colors. The beauty of lineless art lies in its simplicity.

By the end of this class, you will:


    • Gain confidence with basic procreate tools and functions (i.e. layers, masks, and brushes)


    • Understand when to use a brush with high or low streamline


    • Learn how to create confident lines


    • Practice how to draw from a reference photo


    • Apply a limited color palette


    • Layer your midtones, shadows, and highlights


    • Play with different blending modes to add contrast to your illustration


The skills you will develop through this class will help you gain confidence as an artist. We will emphasize on laying down strong drawing foundations and appreciate pleasing color palettes. Through this class, you will learn how to create clear and confident lines, rather than focusing on embellishments like texture and fancy brushes.


The project for this class includes a 3-step project to help you achieve a lineless drawing on procreate. I strongly recommend that you don’t overthink the process and have fun throughtout the way! And of course, I’m only a mouse-click away, so don’t be shy and ask if you need any assistance.

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