MADAME POMPADOUR Rococo Coeffeur Le Pouffe

Compatible Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

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Welcome to the historical beauty of ROCOCO!
Roccoco or Late Baroque, is an exceptionally ornamental and theatrical style of architecture.
The Rococo style began in France in the 1730s as a reaction against the more formal and geometric Style Louis XIV. It also came to influence the other arts, particularly sculpture, furniture, silverware, glassware, painting, music, and theatre. The term rococo was first used in print in 1825 to describe decoration which was “out of style and old-fashioned.” It was used in 1828 for decoration “which belonged to the style of the 18th century, overloaded with twisting ornaments.” In 1829 the author Stendhal described rococo as “the rocaille style of the 18th century.”Rococo is now often considered as a distinct period in the development of European art. Rococo features exuberant decoration, with an abundance of curves, counter-curves, undulations and elements modelled on nature.

History of the French Pouffe Hair Fashion…
Marie Antoinette acquired the hairstyle, which was a creation from the famed hairdresser of the day, Léonard Autié. In April 1774, it was first sported as Le Pouf Sentimental by Duchess de Chartres at the Opera. The Duchesse’s hairstyle was immense. 14 yards of gauze were wrapped around a tower as well as two figures representing the baby Duc de Beaujolais in his nurse’s arms with an African boy at her feet. A parrot and a plate of cherries were also added. It quickly became widespread amongst noble and upper-class women in France during the time. It was highly creative and artistic, and women could literally wear their moods through strategically placed decorations and ornaments. Ships, animals and hundreds of other novelty items could be seen on these pouffes. Other decorations included pearls, headdresses/hats, hair jewellery, and plumage, such as ostrich feathers.
The pouffe was a very elaborate and time-consuming hairstyle; hours were needed to create it. The hairstyle would remain in the wearer’s hair for about a week or two until it was no longer hygienic. Hairstyles were so high that the ladies had to kneel on the carriage floors and that the towering coiffures posed a fire hazard near chandeliers.

Inspired by Madame de Pompadour, (AKA) Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, who was a member of the French court. She was the official chief mistress of Louis XV from 1745 to 1751 and remained influential as court favourite until her death.

All Materials are delicately hand-painted in Substance Painter & designed in Substance Designer + Alchemist to ensure the most realistic quality for your renders.

Materials are optimized and tested for use in DAZ- IRAY Render Engine

This package is jam-packed to give you the flexibility of customization for your art!

What’s Included in this pack?…

Rococo Coeffeur Le Pouffe + 6 Exotic HD Preset Styles
De Louis XVI
Duchess of Devonshire
French Cake
Lady Gough
Le Antoinette
The Extravaganza

– Lip Butterfly (Change butterfly styles from the included options..make sure to select the butterfly)

– Coeffure Veil (This is an addon and can be positioned for customization)

– Butterfly Cage ADDON (Use butterfly presets included to change to the desired style)

– 2 makeup styles…Pompadour Makeup and a Drama Version (This is Lie Makeup and will work with most of your preferred characters)

– 15 Silk Butterfly Styles including French Lace

– 8 Coeffure Butterfly Veil Styles (Change butterfly styles from the included options..make sure to select the butterfly)

!!The Mask pack is sold separately!!

This Headdress was designed and created for Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 But will work with any Character you Wish!


All Materials were created and hand-painted in Substance painter – Substance Alchemist + Substance Designer

…your imagination is your limitation! Have fun!

This 3D digital product is part of the ROCOCO COLLECTION so stay tuned ……more to come!

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