MOBA Elf Character and Blueprints


This bundle includes a MOBA-style female character model, complete with a custom and retargetable animation set, attack VFX, and colorisable materials. A game example is provided with functioning controls, enemies, and a character select screen.

*The last supported Engine version for this project is 4.17*
*The character is not rigged to the Epic skeleton*. For an updated version go here : Fantasy Elf set w. heads

Colorizable materials and VFXs provided.
Blueprints for MOBA and dungeon crawler gameplay included, with a gameplay demo with towers and ennemies.
Animations : Action idle, Action idle (alternate), Attack, Attack (alternate), Run, Run (alternate), Character select idle, Death, Stun, Fall, Taunt, Ultimate ability.

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: No (This is a female character hence some slight differences in height and proportions compared to the UE male. Animations can be retargeted to and from the character).
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No. While the core bone names are identical to that of the Epic Male, the structure itself is different. That said, all the bundled animation data can be successfully ported to the Epic Male and to other compatible characters through retargeting.

Animated: Yes
Number of characters: 1
Vertex counts of character: 12171 verts (23935 tris)
Texture Resolutions: character 4096*4096, weapon 2048*2048.
Number of Animations: 12
Animation types : In-place
Intended Platform: Win
Platforms Tested: Win
Documentation Included: Yes (blueprints and materials are commented, and instructions for use are written in the example level)

Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Project type : “Create Project”


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