Snap Actors in Editor by moving them close to each other.
Snap Actors in Editor by moving them close to each other.
Modular Snap System (MSS) Editor Plugin allows you to easily snap and align Actors together by simply moving them close enough to each other. Useful for working with modular assets without worrying about grid, pivot and alignment. Works with any Actor that has Static Mesh, Skeletal Mesh or Spline Components. Existing meshes can be easily prepared for use with the system. Just add some sockets, no coding or BP modification required.
Technical Details

Based on “snap socket to socket” concept.
Works with any Actor class or Blueprint containing sockets.
Works with static meshes, skeletal meshes and splines.
Supports snapping of multiple selections and groups. Will snap all selected actors as one.
Works on component level too.
By default simply aligns actors, but also supports attaching of actors to the snap target component.
Supports moving selection pivot to the snap point.
Customizable: Settings like minimal snap distance, angle, rotation snap and others can be modified in editor preferences.
Viewport button (near snap to grid button) to easily enable/disable the plugin, change snap distance and access other options.
Check the videos for more features.
Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: None (Editor-only)


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