Oud Warenhuis Typeface - CM 11550
Oud Warenhuis Typeface – CM 11550

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Warenhuis de Vries is the oldest departement store in Bandung, Indonesia. The originial function is the grocery store with Empirestijl Indies architectural styles was built in the mid 19th century. The roof of the building consists three units, the most forward part supported by six columns, this building was restored and rebuilt in 1909 & 1920 based on styles and works of architect Edward Cuypers. This building is a part of cultural heritage in Bandung. The typeface adapated from the original signage and awning styles from De Vries building, with engraved side curves, and added more glyph sets based on ceramic lettering. Punctuation, multilingual support & fully loaded with additional discretionary ligatures, and the old colonial ornaments.



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