PBR Plant Pack Volume 2

This plant pack currently includes 96 PBR ready plant meshes, with a total of 11 different plant varieties.

Version 4.0 Includes:
-11 unique plant varieties
-96 static plant meshes
-96 skinned plant meshes for rigidbody joint physics
-11 PBR Materials (albedo, normal, metal/roughness, and AO maps
-4096×4096 texture resolution for all textures
-22 to 384 polygons per plant mesh
-Custom wind-zone script for use with skinned plants
-Editor window script to easily adjust rigidbody and joint parameters

Latest Update added:
-Custom wind-zone script for skinned plants
-Editor window script for easy adjustment of rigidbody and configurable joint parameters of skinned plants.
-Documentation for use of scripts and other common questions


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