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Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.10+

Daz Figures: Genesis 3, Genesis 3 Female

Time for your detention, and you’ll gonna love it! The outfit is from the upcoming game FemDomination 2, now upsampled for DAZ with bunch of textures and morphs! This bundle contains really cool clothing, braided ponytails and a whip.



The bundle (developed to the FemDomination 2 game) contains a harness, bra, corset, panties, stockings, hood, ponytails and a whip. Each one loadable separately and each having different material variants. The hood contains morphs to compensate the default DAZ facial behaviour, bra is predefined to compensate the breast lower clipping, panties includes the morphs for the genitals and the braided tails contains rotations morphs for different poses.

For the tails; those are wearables, meaning you load it as any cloth, but the material selection is done by selecting the actual hair object under the head joint. The whip is also an wearable, auto parenting to the right hand.

The bundle value is $70 if sold as a separate elements. This set is upsampled for the DAZ studio, so the mesh resolution is high.

With the 3rd party script (Autofit Genesis 3->Genesis 8) this will fit to the latest characters as well.





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