RPG Maker Char Set Impoter

have you ever dream to use RPG Maker Charset into your Unity3D game?
But the amount of time you need to spend to set up all the sprite, animator and animation is so huge that you dropped the idea before event starting?
With this tool you’ll be able to import the char set file in the RPG Maker format.
Using this little tool with just some click you’ll be able to select the char you want to import and use.
The tool will extract from the char set layout only the part of the image relative to the character you want to use, and it will create the sprite sheet for you, as well it will create and set up all the animations the animator you need to control the character.
No need to external tools or library, just Unity3D native c#
It is very simple to use! And you will not spend hours but just some minutes to set up dozen of characters
It can now import the MV battler animation, so you can prepare you battle animation really fast. The animator and animation is still a work in progress but the animation preparation is working.

Asset version: 1.1



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