Simple Dungeons Source Files

Synty Studios Presents – Simple Dungeons. A Fantasy themed asset pack.
This Simple Dungeon pack has been meticulously crafted to work great for both isometric and first person vantage points in mind. Combine it with other Simple Series packs to build your own Simple World.

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: No
Includes 232 assets. Modular sections are easy to piece together. Includes Clean Lightmap UVs

Demo Scene includes the following rooms:
Torture room. Crypt. Goblin Cavern. Science Lab. Treasure Room. Dungeon Cells. Majestic Hall. Trap hallway. Mine/Cave section. Lava Pit.
Traps!!! Swinging blade. Falling spikes. Trap door. Spike Grate. Grinders. Saw Blade.
Tonnes of props. Including Corpses, Torcher devices, Crates, Barrels, Rubble, Treasure, Chests, Trick Chests.


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