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Do you want to write grammatically sound business reports or proposals for your business?

In this course, you will learn more about English grammar and how to apply the different grammar rules.
Enrolling in this course will enable you to learn more about:
o What are the different types of nouns?
o What is the difference between a singular and plural noun?
o How does one change a singular noun to plural noun?
o What are countable and uncountable nouns?
o What words does one use in-front of a countable or uncountable noun?
o What are proper nouns? How do we show that something is a proper noun?
o How does one show possession towards a noun?
o When do we use personal pronouns?
o When do we use possessive pronouns?
o When do we use reflexive pronouns?
o How do we use demonstrative pronouns?
o Where can we use adjectives?
o How do we use adjectives to compare 2 or more things?
o How do we use the different types of verbs (am, is, are, was, has, have, do, does, did) ?
o How do we get the verb to agree with its subject?
o When do we use adverbs?
o When do we use the simple present, present continuous, simple past, past continuous and simple future tense?
o When do we use a capital letter, comma, full stop and exclamation mark?
Question Words
o How does one use commonly used words to create a question?
Simple Sentence
o What rules does one use to construct a simple sentence?
By the end of this course, you will not only be an English grammar expert, but also one who will be able to use the English language confidently.



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