Space Combat Kit


Looking for a complete solution for getting your space game off the ground? The Space Combat Kit gives you a massive head start, taking care of the complex and difficult coding so that you can focus on creating what makes your game fun and unique.

Packed with features – build the foundation of your game in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take, giving you the opportunity to quickly test new creative ideas and make rapid progress toward release.
Easy to customize – enjoy a modular, event-driven design that gives you powerful customization from the inspector. Completely change the look and feel of your game without writing code – and if you need to dive in, all the code is neatly designed and documented.
Actively Supported And Updated – benefit from three years of constant development driven by a community of users just like you. No support request goes unanswered.

Spaceship Controllers – easily set up spaceships from small fighters to large capital ships, and switch between a variety of prebuilt control configurations.
Camera System – set up any number of camera views on your spaceship, and customize how the camera behaves in different views.
Radar/HUD System – display any kind of target information with fully customizable target boxes, 3D radar, minimaps and cockpit target holograms.
Weapons System – easily add projectile weapons, lasers, homing missiles, turrets, and mines to your game to get the action started! Easily create new types of weapons with the provided set of modular and customizable components.
Health System – add different kinds of damageable parts to your ship, including energy shields and armor, and display different kinds of health on the radar. Trigger events or modifications when ship parts are destroyed.
Loadout System – easily create modules such as weapons and shield generators and add them to your ship in a loadout menu.
AI System – create fun and engaging enemies with obstacle avoidance, attacking, evading, formation and patrol behaviors.
Floating Origin System – create massive space scenes without issues such as camera shaking using the floating origin system.
Game State System – easily manage switching between gameplay, animations, menus and more with the powerful game state system.
Rumble System – create camera shakes and gamepad vibrations during boosting, explosions, weapon hits, firing and anything else you wish.
Vehicle Enter/Exit System – easily enter and exit spaceships during gameplay, this feature is designed to work with any type of character controller.

Asset version: 2.3



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