The Fundamentals of Oil Painting : A Complete Course in Techniques, Subjects and Styles by Barrington Barber
English | 2020 | ISBN: 1848584687 | 162 Pages | ePUB | 30 MB
Versatile and expressive, oils are the most popular media for artists who want to learn to paint. Professional artist and inspirational teacher Barrington Barber works with their strengths in The Fundamentals of Oil Painting. The perfect guide to an absorbing activity, the book covers everything you need to know, from investing in the right equipment and making those first marks on canvas to developing the range of subject matter available to you. In addition, Barrington Barber shows how paintings can be broken down into simple steps, whether the subject is a still life, a landscape or a human portrait. His engaging style and inspiring examples will encourage you to take up your brush and experiment for yourself.
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