Tiverton Sans 5GCS8BV

The Tiverton – Combination Font Trio with Huge Extras.

The Idea behind this typefaces was combine something retro, vintage with a style this century. A reference from Vintage Typography, Art Deco, Neo Deco. With an improvised and create something in between those styling. Tiverton created in Serif, Sans-Serif and Script. Within 3 Style, it more helping and easier for create something without “thinking” the font compartment.

Features of Sans Serif and Serif are comes with stylistic alternates and you can activated with Contextual Swash button on Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, And Catchword such as the preview above, activated with underscore in the beginning and end of the letters, for example : _ the _ (underscore)the(underscore).

Features of Tiverton Script are Ligatures, Contextual alternates, Contextual Swashes. no alternates. but Tiverton Script available with 2 Weight, Light and Regular.

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