Toon Dogs pack v4.20-4.27, 5.0

This pack includes the following models, which you can purchase separately:

Akita, Doberman, Husky, Corgi, JR Terrier, Retriever, Shepherd.

The models has 6000-7000 triangles and 49 bones. Texture map – only albedo 2k.

All dogs has 68 Animations (IP/RM):

Attack 1-4
Attack Run
Attack Trot
Hit F-B-M
Death 1-2
Idle 1-5
Eat 1-2
Crouch (f-b-l-r)
Walk (f-b-l-r)
Trot (f-l-r)
Run (f-l-r)
Swim (f-b-l-r)
Jump etc.

Root motion animations are customized and working!

The beginning, cycle and end of animations to eat, sleep, lie, etc. customized.

All animations can be viewed on the breed page.

Asset version: 4.20-4.27, 5.0

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