Tune your car kit!

Hello i present you a useful kit that i made for you to upgrade your cool 3d car models and make them even more cooler.

This kit contains more than 90 parts – from tyres to rims, suspension, interior and performance upgrades. I’ve made variety of styles, including retro and sci-fi so you can experiment and have fun combining them, searching for the desired vision of your car.

The parts in the kit are:

– Mid poly, non-subdivided

*so you can make them fit easily with FFD modifier or soft selection

*Unwrap them if needed

*Use them as a foundation and modify them to upgrade them further

– Created, using double edge > hard edge workflow, so any subdivision method should work well (i use turbosmooth on 2nd iteration for best results)

– With great topology

*barely any triangles

*booleans fitting the edge flow

*smooth transition on the joined parts for awesome highlights

– Good naming with good pivot placement and one smooth group

– With no branding, logos or emblems

– With no UVs or materials assigned

– Cars not included

– FBX, OBJ and Max 2015 files inc.



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