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Real world hacking course for real hackers and security professionals

What you’ll learn
Get practical experience in exploiting web applications
Find security vulnerabilities in web applications
Learn Sqlmap for beginners
Union Based SQL Injection-(GET)
Union Based SQL Injection-(POST)
Bypassing WAF (Web Application Firewall) Manually
Authentication Bypass (Login Pages/Admin Panel)
LFI (Local File Inclusion) Attack
ShellShock (Bash Bug Exploitation)
IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) Vulnerability
In this course, I will show you a practical way to hack or pentest any website or web application using real world hacking techniques so question arises that why i am doing this? Typically, ethical hacking is taught by installing virtual machines on your PC and hacking the virtual machines inside your PC. This style of learning stops your exploration as there are no challenges comes up in your way. So what’s next ? well i have designed this course in a very easy way so that anyone can start learning from any section of this course in his own pace and ease.
Mainly this course is focused on many top web application vulnerabilities including ;
Injection Flaw : we will cover Sql Injection flaw both manually or automated in detail which is not only very common in websites today but also very dangerous and lets an attacker to fully compromise the the entire website or in worst case Web Server too
Authntication Flaw: we will look at Authentication Bypassing flaw using blind sqli strings method
File Inclusion: file inclusion bugs like LFI we will demonstrate it on a live site for better understanding
Broken Access Control: we will cover an IDOR vulnerability which is a very dangerous business logic bug causing a serious damage to any
E-Commerce business website users Privacy.
Remote Code Execution Vulnerability: we will see a very famous bug of a linux bash shell i-e Shellshock and extract some valuable information from a live website remotely
Taking this course is much more fun & exciting than learning all of these in a traditional boring way – like through formal IT courses and books. So if you have a serious level of spark in learning the real things then you are landed on a right course…
I wish you all the very best.
Happy Hacking!!!
Who this course is for:
Beginner to Advance Level Students
Anyone who want to become Ethical Hacker or interested to pursue in this domain
Anyone who is about to start as a Bug Bounty Hunter
Anyone interested in Web Application Hacking or Security Testing





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