high quality pack containing a realistic brake rotor,  six piston caliper, and brake pads. Sub-D geometry lets you subdivide as many times as you want for those extreme close ups, or import into Zbrush for sculpting. Spice up your vehicle renders or simply use for educational purposes.  Comes with fully unwrapped UVs.

Also included is a roughness map for the brake rotor in 4k resolution and a simple Substance Designer graph that contains the nodes used for the rotor texture.


Technical Info:

Geometry: SubD, No smoothing applied

Triangles: Yes

N- Gons: No

UVs: Yes

Textures: Brake Rotor Rougness Map (4k)

File Format: MAX, FBX 2014/2015, OBJ, Maya Scene (MB)

Maya Scene Version: Maya 2017 and Up

Substance Designer Version: SD 2018 and Up



We hope you find this model useful for your projects, feel free to comment and share!

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