WRP Medieval Asset Pack


Looking for a super optimized, high quality mobile and web building pack? The WRP Medieval Asset Pack comes with a collection of low poly, highly optimized buildings, houses, towers, windmill tower, shopping carts and a lot more that can be used to design ancient and medieval themed cities and environments.
Great for people learning to model optimized buildings & environments. Learn to create high quality, vibrant environments & cities using extremely low poly models and beautiful textures using this asset pack.
All of the asset textures are included in a single 1K atlas map to optimize draw calls and make sure the assets are mobile friendly! This ensures you can render the scene in a single draw call!

Key features of Medieval asset pack are :
** Highly optimized for mobile devices
** Modular sections & pieces that can be combined to generate a wide variety of buildings & assets
** 1K Atlas Map includes all textures
** Beautiful, vibrant & clean building models
** Optimized UV Layout
** Ideal for use in Endless Runners, RTS, TD and a wide variety of games

List of assets included in the WRP Medieval Asset Pack:
• 10+ complete buildings, houses and towers
• Shopping carts, Barrows and store cards to give ancient city look
• Basins, buckets and more
• Sand bags
• Windmill towers
• Wood logs
• Barrels
• Streets, grassy streets

Asset version: 1.0.1



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