Advanced Collective Transform Tools

Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15


Advanced Collective Transform Tools is a set of tools allowing you a faster, much more efficient, and easier scene set-up. These tools will allow you to translate, rotate and scale one node, or several nodes, well, all the nodes you want in the scene, simultaneously and with advanced features.

All the script can be used either from the smart content or content manager or, since they are supposed to be easy to reach, they can be installed as a toolbar and in a custom actions folder in the top menu. Of course, you can remove and re-add this toolbar very easily too.

Activate/Deactivate viewport Collective (Multi) transforms: in one single click, you can activate and deactivate the collective transforms using the viewport translate, rotate and scale tools. When the viewport collective transforms are activated, all the elements you select in the viewport or the scene tab can be rotated, translated, and scaled simultaneously directly in the viewport. To gain time, an “on/off” switch is directly available in the toolbar.

Advanced Collective Zero Tools: this tool allows you to “zero” all the selected nodes with advanced features. You can zero separately the rotations, the translations and the scales – zero for the scales means 100% scales – and for each transform type, you can decide what you do if the nodes are parented (zero them relatively to their parent, or zero them absolutely).

Advanced Move To Floor: this tools allows you to move all the selected elements to floor. If the elements are parented to an object, they really are moved to the floor anyway (which is not the case when you use Daz Studio Move to Floor native action).

Advanced Collective Transforms interface: gives you the possibility to translate, rotate and scale several nodes simultaneously using dials – similar to the ones of the Parameters Tab -, with very useful options. For translations, you have the possibility to change the sliders sensitivity, allowing you to go from very precise to huge translations For the rotation and the scale, you can in a single click determine if the transforms you make are centered on individual origins of your selected elements (they rotate/scale around their own origin), or if they behave “as a group” (the whole group of elements rotates/scales) regarding these transforms.

In the Advanced Collective Transforms interface, when you chose the selected nodes to behave as a Collective Transform Group you can, in two clicks, place the origin of this group on any node of the scene, so that this node can become the new center for the collective rotations and scale operations. This is ideal to keep a figure exactly where you placed it in an environment (in front of a shop of a street, a specific place in a room, on the top of a mountain, etc., etc.) while you rotate a part of or all this environment around it, but there are much more applications for this.

In Advanced Collective Transforms you can reset at any time, the location, the individual or the group rotations or scales (all as separate resets), as well as the origin of the transform group you can change origin, you can swap from individual origin to group behavior as often as you want. When you close the script, you can, if you want, keep the collective transform group and its origin – to work with it later on in Daz Studio interface. You can create as many transforms groups as you want, with the origins you want, and simply drag and drop any node of your scene to parent it to a transform group so that it benefits the new origin.

With all the tools included in Advanced Collective Transform Tools, you will be able to activate and deactivate the transforms of several props or figures in one click, to zero, move to the floor, translate, rotate and scale simultaneously, collectively, the nodes of your scene with great efficiency and advanced options. You will literally unleash the potential of your content, gaining a huge amount of time in your scene set up.

What’s Included and Features

  • Advanced Collective Transform Tools: (.dse)
    • Open Documentation
    • Install Or Reset Menu And ToolBar
    • Remove ToolBar
    • Activate Viewport Multi Transforms
    • Deactivate Viewport Multi Transforms
    • Switch Collective Transform Status
    • Use Advanced Collective Transforms
    • Utility Drop To Floor
    • Zero By Transform Type


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer