Armbinder And Mittens For Genesis 8 Female


This gorgeous restraint system renders your girl totally helpless, exposed and vulnerable. Put her on display, toss her around and use her like a rag doll however you wish. Makes even the most insolent, rebellious bitch submit herself as the plaything she is.

The sturdy and tight metal frame around her shoulders is held in place by her own arms fixed behind her back. Thick padding around the edges avoids injury even under very rough treatment. Her hands are completely useless in the thick leather Mittens, even if she can reach something with them. Multiple girls can be locked together using the handy rings on the front and back.

This product is made up of conforming wearables and includes poses, presets and scripts for ease of use.

Full content:
3 conforming wearables for Genesis 8 Females (Armbinder and Mittens for left hand and right hand). They can be put on independently.
Wearable preset to load the complete set and pose the figure with one click: Armbinder with Mittens and Chains.
The Armbinder is rigged with 22 additional bones and has 21 adjustment properties including morphs. It supports a number of common FBMs without manual adjusting and can be fitted to any FBMs with some tuning. It is completely poseable.
The Mittens conform very nicely to all common FBMs without manual adjusting. Combine them with characters and other body morphs at discretion. They also conform nicely to movement of the hand joints using JCMs.
2 fully rigged Chains: long and short version. Short Chains are used to restrain the arms. The long Chain can be connected to the Armbinder either on the front ring or back ring (as leading chain etc.). There are wearable presets for this. The chains offer a number of ERC properties for easy posing. Their length is adjustable.
Stand for the Armbinder. A scene subset loads the Armbinder on the stand as a prop for decorating your scenes (put on a shelf for example).

The product features high-quality PBR texture sets created with Substance Painter.

All included materials are based on Iray shaders. All promo images were rendered with Nvidia Iray.

Support files are included for easy integration into the DAZ Studio product library with metadata (smart content). This product is released as a DAZ install manager (DIM) package for easy installation.

Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.10+

Daz Figures: Genesis 8 Female

Download File: Armbinder And Mittens For Genesis 8 Female

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