Unreal Engine Marketplace – Industrial Prop Set

This pack has been meticulously hand crafted to suit any and all of your needs when it comes to commonly used Industrial Props. All textures have been created using High Poly baking techniques within maya and Zbrush to create the most realistic textures possible.

There are both closed/optimized shipping containers that players cannot enter and Modular open shipping containers with LOD’s. This allows content creators to very simply place pre-made closed containers anywhere in their scene for fast art populating, as well as hand placing modular pieces to precisely fit their gameplay needs.

All of the shaders for both the closed and open containers have the ability to hand-pick any color of your choice and simply overide the material on the static meshes. This allows for creating hundreds of unique variations of these shipping containers so no two in your game will look alike!

The same techniques are applied to all of the barrels in the scene. I have provided closed optimized barrels that can quickly and easily be placed in your scene, as well as open barrels with lids and oil fills. Barrels also have the ability to change the color at any time with the color picking materials! All with LOD’s!

There are also over 9 tarp static meshes that can be placed on the ground and 5 tarp static meshes that have been draped over the shipping containers to add an organic feel to all of the hard surface assets in the scene. All with LOD’s.

Technical Details

Modular Shipping Containers (Hand pick your colors in Engine)
– 4 Container Shells (with LOD’s)
– 2 Container Doors (1 left, 1 right)
– 1 Container Shell cap
1 Decal Sheet included with logos/signs/numbers/details
Closed Shipping Containers (Hand pick your colors in Engine)
– 7 Static Meshes (with LOD’s)
Cloth Tarps (with LOD’s)
– 9 Tarps to be placed on the ground
– 5 Tarps to be placed on Shipping Containers
Barrels (Hand pick color) (With LOD’s)
– 1 Closed Barrel – 1 Open Barrel – 1 Barrel Lid – 1 Oil Fill
Technical Description – (Choose from questions below depending on category)
32 Static Meshes
97 Pre-made Materials (Including Instances and Decals)
Range of Tris (40 – 4500)
Average Tris (Pack Average 400 Tri’s)
Texture Sizes – Standard Texture size of 2048×2048 and some smaller texture of 1024×1024 and 1024×512
Texture Types – (Diffuse, Roughness, Specular, Normal, Height, Color Mask)
Intended Platform – ALL Platforms
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