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Beatrice And Bartholemew For Genesis 9

Compatible Figures: Genesis 9
Compatible Software: Daz to Blender Bridge, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to Maya Bridge, Daz to Unity Bridge, Daz to Unreal Bridge, Daz Studio 4.22, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge


Meet Beatrice and Bartholemew, a breathtakingly cool and contemporary Vampire couple. With two meticulously sculpted heads and bodies, as well as separate head and body Vampire detail morphs, true-to-life textures, and a whole host of add-ons, they will bring realism, beauty, and modern fantasy to your renders.

They include PBR material presets, each with two sets of Vampire head skins, a beard overlay for Bart, a complete set of eyes with separate Sclera colors, including a Vampire eye morph, makeup, lip, brow, lash, and nail colors, including a ‘bone’ nail texture. Face, hands, and body blood, dripping mouth blood, fangs morph, Vampire nails morph, and eye veins detail enhancement overlay. They also come with plenty of extras for different skin tones, skin shine, and lip gloss.

The Vampire detail morphs, fangs, Vampire eyes, and all of the blood overlays can be used with any Genesis 9 character. So you can create scenes with lots of different Vamps. Plus, they both have extra material sets to make them human too!

So, make the most of your Genesis 9 experience with Beatrice and Bartholemew 9.

See the ‘What’s Included’ section below for all the details.

What’s Included and Features

  • Beatrice and Bartholemew For Genesis 9: (.DUF)
    • CJ Beatrice Character Preset
    • CJ Bartholemew Character Preset
    • CJ Beatrice Head Apply/Remove
    • CJ Beatrice Body Apply Remove
    • CJ Beatrice Full Body Apply/Remove
    • CJ Bartholemew Head Apply/Remove
    • CJ Bartholemew Body Apply Remove
    • CJ Bartholemew Full Body Apply/Remove
    • CJ Vampire Head Apply/Remove
    • CJ Vampire Body Apply Remove
    • CJ Vampire Full Body Apply/Remove
    • CJ Vampire Fangs Apply/Remove
    • CJ Vampire Eyes Apply/Remove
    • Brows Apply
    • 03 Eyelash Apply
    • Nails Apply/Remove
    • Genesis 9 Base Feminine Apply/Remove
    • Genesis 9 Base Masculine Apply/Remove
  • Material Options:
    • 02 CJ Beatrice 9 Base Mat
    • 02 CJ Bartholemew 9 Base Mat
    • 01 Beatrice 9 Alt Head Mat
    • 01 Bartholemew 9 Alt Head Mat
    • 02 Bartholemew 9 Beard Darken L.I.E
    • 05 Lip Blood L.I.E
    • 02 Face Blood L.I.E
    • 01 Body Blood L.I.E
    • 01 Hand Blood L.I.E
    • 02 Teeth And Tongue Blood L.I.E
    • 01 Vampire Eye And Face Vein L.I.E
    • 12 Eye Colors
    • 03 Sclera Colors
    • 02 Sclera Reflection Options
    • 06 Makeup Options
    • 01 Metallic Flakes Eye Makeup Overlay Apply/Remove
    • 01 Eyeliner Options
    • 06 Lipstick Options
    • 02 Lip Gloss Options
    • 06 Brow Colors
    • 06 Lash Colors
    • 10 Nail Colors
    • 01 Bone Nail MAT
    • Metallic Flakes Skin Glow Apply/Remove
    • 04 Skin Shine Options
    • 03 Skin Tone Options
    • Remove All L.I.Es Preset
  • Textures Include:
    • 77 Texture, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer