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Face Transfer 2

Compatible Figures: Genesis 9
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22


Face Transfer 2 is an AI-powered system that from a photo transfers face shape, texture, and tone to create a look-a-like 3D version of family members, yourself, really whomever you want! It is compatible with Genesis 9 figures, employs higher-resolution texture maps, refines the image projection process, and improves dynamic geometry adjustments. The trial version (that ship for free with Daz Studio) allows you to create three saved figure shapes without the watermark, while this product (Face Transfer 2) lets you save as many Genesis 9 figure shapes without watermarks as you like.

If you’re looking to do Genesis 8,  Transfer Unlimited (the previous product to Face Transfer 2) supports Genesis 8 Characters.

Learn more about Face Transfer 2 here: Transfer 2 Blog Post.

Check out the video:

What’s Included and Features

  • Trial Version
    • Three transfers (the watermark is removed when saved)
    • After the three saves, a watermark is no longer removed
    • Watermarked Preview
  • New Features for Genesis 9 Figures:
    • Support for Genesis 9 Characters
    • Higher Resolution Texture Maps for Genesis 9
    • Automatic Facial Hair Removal
    • AI for Intelligent Feature Identification, Selection, and Mimicking
    • Better Image Recognition and Mapping
  • Improved Features from Face Transfer 1:
    • Dramatically Improved Shader
    • Dynamic Geometry Adjustments
    • Improved Color Match


  • Windows 64-bit and macOS 64-bit (Intel), support for Apple Silicon (e.g., M1 M2) is pending