Ambient Video Game Music – Farms 2


Embrace the allure of country living even further with our sequel collection of 10 farm-themed ambience tracks. This collection, specifically created for game developers, delivers an enhanced, immersive rural soundscape that intensifies the idyllic symphony of chickens, cows, sheep, and goats, the birds in the neighbouring shrubs, and includes an equally captivating tie-together track.

Building on the success of the original collection, each track in this sequel presents a rich tapestry of amplified farm life sounds. The familiar clucking of chickens is intensified, the resonant moos of cows echo deeper, and the gentle bleats from sheep and goats ring clearer. Every sound is captured with high-definition precision, offering a heightened sense of rural realism to the gaming environment.

In the background, the familiar soothing chirps of birds from nearby bushes persist, providing an added sense of peaceful tranquillity. Now even more harmonious and comforting, the bird songs enrich the serene farm atmosphere that players have come to love.

The sequel to our farm-themed ambience tracks is an indispensable asset for game developers striving to create an even more engaging rural gaming environment. With its fine-tuned details and immersive auditory experience, it enables players to dive deeper into the captivating simplicity and tranquil charm of life on a farm, truly enhancing their gaming journey.

This pack contains 10 tracks that are each 3 minutes long for a total 30 minutes of audio