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SurrounDead – Survival Game Assets (modular buildings with interiors)
With top down in mind and newly added modular aproach SurrounDead – Survival game assets is perfect to help you kickstart your survival sandbox or zombie/monsters/pigs etc. post apocalyptic game.

This package contains over 800 fbx meshes (updated v3.5):
– 12 vehicles
– 20 vehicle parts
– 266 modular pieces for buildings(walls, pillars, beams, roofs, addons, doors, windows)
– 142 interior props
– 23 light props (lamps, lantern, light swiches, sockets)
– 29 fences and poles
– 26 barricades
– 71 props
– 10 resources (rope, branches, logs, metal scraps, wood planks, rocks)
– 192 street related assets (streets, sidewalks, power poles, props and many more)
– 70 nature props (trees, rocks, flowers, bushes)
– 2 weapons
– 389 textures (including variations, up to 2048px)
BONUS – 80 icons