Delayed Healthbar System


This asset allows you to quickly and easily add a delayed damage effect to your healthbars. Use the included example widget to hit the ground running on a new project, or easily integrate the base widget into an existing project to get the same functionality.
Use the example healthbar widget as a base to build upon and customize in your own projects, or reparent an existing widget to gain access to delayed healthbar functionality.
Detailed Documentation

A dedicated guide to integrating the asset in your project is provided in the linked documentation, along with an API reference for the delayed healthbar widget. Additionally, all Blueprint code is commented and written to be easily understandable and readable.
Ready-To-Use Example

The asset comes with an example implementation of a delayed healthbar widget so you can get up and running quickly. The example features:
Damage volumes that do a random amount of damage to characters every second
Healing volumes that gradually restore characters’ health over time
Screen-space per-character healthbars
Player HUD healthbar
Automatically hiding characters’ healthbars when full after a short delay
Damage blip animation
Last damage dealt text + animation
Delayed damage healthbar that slowly catches up to the actual healthbar

Version: 5.0+

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