Renovate Vehicle Framework


Renovate: Vehicle Framework is a complete solution for creating AAA quality and production ready vehicles with ease, accompanied by our 100% compatible Car Fleet and our Character Framework (still under development), available separately.

Natively compatible with characters based on Advanced Locomotion System and easily integrable with those based on Ascent Combat Framework.

Technical Details

Advanced Rigging
Realistic Physics
Character Interactions
True First Person
Brokable Constraints with thresholded auto-opening
Color Palette System (up to 11 masking layers per grayscale texture channel)
Smart Camera Follow
Automatic Downshifting if engine stalls
Fuel, Turbo and Damage behaviors
Particles and Sounds
Lights and emissive materials
Cinematics Friendly
Straightforward commented code
Extensive UI with control device recognition

Experimental features to be updated/extended in the near future:
Racing Blueprint System
Local Multiplayer
Sample Assets
Template Vehicle assets
10 premade Color Palettes
InCar AnimSet (18 animations and an Anim Blueprint)
5 circuit spline meshes
21 environmental static meshes
5 particle systems
32 sounds and 3 sound cues
12 UI textures
201 controls icons provided by MentalCheckpoint

Product file size: ~1.3GB
Number of Blueprints: 15
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: No / Not tested
Supported Development Platforms: only tested on Windows x64
Windows: Yes
Mac: No