RPG Inventory and Interaction System


Inventory and Interaction System created in 100% using Blueprints. Builded around Components. Designed to be intuitive and expandable. Contains lot of Inventory and Items customization. Interaction System with different types of Interactable Objects. Highly modifiable Buffs System. Cross-Level Save & Loading System. Crafting System. Player Statistics System. Leveling & Experience System. Fully supported Gamepad functionality, and many, many more!

Note: Some basic engine knowledge is recommended before buying the system, however it is still a good learning base for anyone!
Note: Abilities, Map and Quests Tab are placeholders that can be customized to your preference.

Main Features:
Interactable Component (can be added to any actor)
Inventory Core Component (can be added to any actor)
Stats Component (can be added to any actor)
Leveling Component (can be added to any actor)
Predefined Interactable Actors that uses Inventory: Treasure Chest, Vendor, Storage, Item Pickup
Predefined Interactable Actors: Forge, Doors, Movable Objects, Interaction Triggers
Loot Randomization System
Dropping Items on the Ground (by spawning: LootBag or Class associated Item Pickups)
‘Lootbar’ Widget can be toggled off
Using customizable amount of different Inventory Panels each with specified Size
Support for One-Handed, Two-Handed and Off-Hand Weapons
Item can use required level and durability
5 Sorting Items Methods (Quicksort, by Type, by Rarity, by Weight, by Value)
4 Saving Types (Quicksave, Autosave, Manual Save, Checkpoint)
3 Interaction Input Types (Single Press, Holding, Mashing)
Loot Pop-up (separated by lesser and greater loot)

10 Components
1 Function Library
1 Macro Library
4 Blueprint Interface
12 Structs
19 Enums
56 Widgets
50 Items

Asset version: 1.8 (5.0)



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