Wax & Oil Crayon Vector Brushes

Ai | 99 MB RAR
Inspired by a pack of 1950s wax oil crayons we found just sitting in a garage – hence the name – these brushes recreate the rough, unfiltered sketches made by commercial artists in the mid 20th century, and will add that vital human touch to your designs and illustrations.
  • 15 vector art brushes created from 60-year wax oil crayons
  • 15 no-stretch versions of brushes created from 60-year old wax oil crayons
  • Brush Quik-Reference sheet that includes examples of each brush, the story of the brushes, and tips for using them
  • Easy to follow instruction PDF with pictures
  • RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee (don’t like the brushes we’ll give you your money back)


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