Published 12/2023
Language: English | Size: 1.94 GB | Duration: 3h 53m

Learn how to grow your business with the power of Facebook Ads.


What you’ll learn

How to create a range of campaigns across Meta (Facebook) and Instagram

How to grow your business yourself, and upskill your team

Not rely on expensive marketing agencies to grow your business

Make money and generate leads for your small business


Any small business owner who is willing and ready to roll their sleeves up!


Finally – a course designed for small businesses. Fed up of stalling sales, despite working harder than ever before?It’s now time to work smarter, not harder.Learning Facebook Ads doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive. This course will teach you how to run Facebook Ads to help grow your business. No wild claims about making millions – this is a realistic course for your real small business.What’s included in this training?Each Module is a dedicated lesson on how to create a successful Facebook campaign. This includes:How to get set up on Meta Business Suite / Ads ManagerHow to set up your Facebook/Meta Pixel (and check it’s working)How to set up an Awareness campaignHow to set up a Traffic CampaignHow to set up a Sales CampaignsHow to set up a Lead Generation CampaignHow to set up Audience Manager (how to create custom and lookalike audiences)Including free previews to each module so you can understand if that campaign is right for your business.Say goodbye to expensive marketing agencies.After all, who knows your business better than you, right?Facebook isn’t this unconquerable beast that you might think it is – it can work, and you can use it to grow and scale your business.Trust me, I’ve used Social Media to generate millions of pounds (not a marketing exaggeration). Social Media Me takes you into the world of Facebook Ads, and you can learn how to grow your business, one lesson at a time.For just £49 a month (you can make your money back with one ad) you can create a better future for your business – one that you imagined when you started your journey.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to Social Media Me

Lecture 2 Getting Started in Meta Business (Facebook Ads)

Lecture 3 Get Set Up to Run Ads (payment) & Overview of Campaign Types

Section 2: Have a website? Do this BEFORE You Start Running Ads

Lecture 4 What is Events Manager & Set Up Facebook Pixel

Lecture 5 How to Check your Facebook Pixel is Working

Section 3: Awareness / Reach Campaigns

Lecture 6 What is an Awareness / Reach campaign? When should you use it?

Lecture 7 How to Create an Awareness Campaign

Lecture 8 Duplicating Ads Quickly from the same campaign

Section 4: Traffic Campaigns

Lecture 9 What is a Traffic Campaign? When should you use it?

Lecture 10 Creating a Traffic Campaign

Section 5: Audience Manager: Create HIGH converting audiences

Lecture 11 Getting the best from Audience Manager

Lecture 12 What is a Custom Audience? Creating your own

Lecture 13 What is a Lookalike Audience? Creating your own

Section 6: Sales Campaigns

Lecture 14 What is a Conversion / Sales Campaign? When should you use it?

Lecture 15 How to Set up a Conversion Campaign

Section 7: Retargeting Sales Campaigns

Lecture 16 What is a retargeting campaign? When should you use it?

Lecture 17 Setting up a retargeting sales campaign

Lecture 18 Want even HIGHER CONVERTING Retargeting Campaigns? Do this!

Section 8: Lead Generation Campaigns

Lecture 19 What is a Lead Generation campaign? When should you use it?

Lecture 20 Creating a Lead Generation Campaign (Email Leads)

Lecture 21 How to download your leads from Facebook

Small business owners who are looking to sell more.