Paint to Patterns in Adobe Photoshop
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Learn how to create repeat patterns from your hand painted motifs and doodles using Adobe Photoshop.

You don’t need to be an amazing artist or illustrator to create beautiful seamless patterns. All you need is some doodles, blobs or textures made using watercolors, gouache or any medium of your choice. In this class, I will teach you both the traditional and the modern methods of digitizing your artwork and then turning them into seamless repeat patterns in Adobe Photoshop.  If you are using the older versions of Photoshop, I have covered the traditional methods to clean up your artwork and then creating patterns and if you have the latest version, the I have covered that too. This class is full of so much knowledge, tips and tricks.
And if you don’t have any artwork at hand rot get started with your project, you can use the motifs I have provided in the Resources tab of the class.
When you have watched this class, you will be able to convert your hand painted blobs, florals or doodles into digital motifs and then create a beautiful seamless pattern.
You will learn:
How to scan you artwork to get the best results.How to make adjustments to color.Use Magic Wand, Magic eraser and Object Selection tools to clean up the background and separate the motifs on their own layers.Importance of using Smart Objects and how and why to convert your art into smart objects.How to organize your layers.Create a repeat tile using the traditional method as well as the Pattern Preview tool.Test the patternHow to export the pattern file for clients and for uploading on POD websites.