Real-Time VFX in EmberGen and Unreal Engine 5

What you’ll learn
Creating VFX sprite sheets and export them to Unreal Engine 5
Create professional Real time effects using EmberGen
Fundamentals of EmberGen
Create fire,smoke and explosions and more
EmberGen: the real-time volumetric fluid simulation
No presentations, No time wasting, It’s all about doing and creating effects.
This Course is Projects based Course, so you will learn EmberGen by creating high quality effects!.
You will learn how to export and setup the effects inside Unreal Engine 5
This course is continually updated.
EmberGen is a real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool that can instantly simulate, render, and export flipbooks, image sequences, and VDB volumes. With EmberGen, you can create anything: from fire and smoke to explosions.
EmberGen is so easy to use and has a flipbook workflow allows you to generate game-ready, fully assembled flipbooks in seconds, and export them into game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity.
You can loop your simulations in few clicks,
You import animated meshes like FBX and Alembic files.
You can export your effect as VDB to use it in another 3d Package like Maya or Blender.
The speed of the simulation is incredible.
The shading is phenomenal.
As a gameFX Artist you don’t need to learn complicated softwares like Houdini in order to create these type of effects. So EmberGen is very important tool for you if you want to create VFX for games.
In this course you will learn everything about EmberGen from scratch.
From the basics to advanced effects.
I will show you step by step how to create professional realistic game vfx using EmberGen.
We’re gonna learn how to create smoke,fire,explosions and portals and more.
You will learn how to create sprite sheets and export them into Unreal Engine 5
This course is for complete beginners in EmberGen.
This Course is for Game VFX artists who want to learn how to create realistic effects like smoke ,fire and magic effects and how to export them into game engines.