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Hi. My name is Talha and I’m an Adobe Photoshop Instructor. If you are designer who has already been using Photoshop for a quite a while now but you are still not confident with it and you know that everything you do in Photoshop, there is probably a much quicker, easier and efficient way to do it. If that’s you then this course is for you!

When I started using Photoshop, I used to wish for a properly structured Photoshop course or series which would teach me everything which I need to know so that I could take my design career to that next level. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. It used to take me hours to do everything. So, I started watching loads of video and it took me years to learn everything which I know now.
So that is why I created this Photoshop Advance Course. The course which I always wanted myself when I was a beginner. So that you won’t have learn Photoshop the hard way like I did. This is an extremely in-depth course with a lot of projects but after completing this course, you will be much more confident in using photoshop, applying for jobs and gigs and charging more for your design services.
– You will learn things like advance ways of making a selection and masking which includes removing backgrounds, replacing skies and refining your masks.
– Advance typography options, how to match fonts, how to manage all your fonts using a font manager and also how to write text around anything.
– You will learn about actions and how to use them. And also, how to create them to make you workflow much more efficient.
– You will learn about color correction, color grading and also one of the most requested topics i.e how to match subject to a new background.
– If you wonder how people make those amazing manipulations and effects. Don’t worry. We are going to learn how to make all to those as well and also how to retouch images.
– You will learn about mockups and how to make them yourself, how to change perspective of thing, how to copy in perspective and also some really important advance tips and tricks.
So, a little bit about me. As I mentioned before, I’m a design instructor and I have taught thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands. I have been featured on Adobe’s website. I have more than 200,000 students on Instagram and if you want, you can follow me there as well. And one of my main goals in life is to make learning digital skills easy for people.
So, I can’t wait to see you in this course and I hope that you will really love it!





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